Phindizwe Logistics Changing The Game. #MyIthalaStory #MakingMoves

Many South Africans are taking it upon themselves to start their own businesses amid an imminent jobs crisis, but they face big hurdles such as funding and diversification in the market place.


Phindile is one such entrepreneur, who not only dared to challenge the status quo and operate in an industry dominated by males but also had to seek funding to grow her Logistics business that is contracted out to huge names in the country, the likes of Sappi and Mondi to mention but a few.


How did you come to be in this industry?


I grew up in a home full of entrepreneurs; it was like in some way I knew I was destined to be here. Through out my life I was clear I wanted to be an entrepreneur. That coupled with my interest in the trucking business.


It surely must be daunting being in an all male space? How do you cope?


There are moments where you think you wont survive, as the pressure is immense. I think for me it helps that I have a staff force of men, who make me feel worthy and more so respect my views in the industry. I have had to at times work harder to prove my abilities


So getting into this industry how did you finance your business?


I had various way to finance the start up of Phindizwe logistics but with time we grew to a point where we needed more than finance, business tools to make us more efficient, especially with operations. At that time I heard of Ithala’s program and knew I could not miss out, I hounded a lady ho had the information until I got to attend their roadshow. Fast-forward today we are growing stringer with the help of Ithala and Making Moves


Ithala bank? Who are they and what do they do?



Essentially, Ithala bank is a development bank and they have various programs they run to help grow businesses in KZN. I took part in particularly the iMbokodo iyazenzela program and it helped me so much with marketing, mentorship, and access to finance. The program is worth it for anyone even those who think they just need finance to expand.


Tell us a bit about the program?


The program helped us so much with the ability to get additional funding to grow our fleet but also the tools we needed to operate efficiently. It is a program I’d encourage to many entrepreneurs who want to grow bigger and better.


There are so many programs out there; did this program really help you?


Absolutely! There are things that we can only know by experience and this is one of them. This program has helped me learn how to work in the business, just as much as it has taught me how to work on the business. It is more than finance it is development.


We hear how hard it is to run businesses, do you agree and can you share a moment for us?


It is tough, but I still do it in my heels everyday – (Laughs). I have been through the most over the years, the challenges are never the same but similar. I’d say for anyone running a business or wanting to run one the most important part is remembering why you started. This gives you so much to hold onto in any situation.


What would your advice be for women who want to follow your footsteps?


Own your space, be brave as challenges will come, walk the journey with your staff and get them to respect you. Also be able to rock your heels as equally as you become a strong boss. Lastly be resilient, it has its ups and downs

Meet The Inspirational TK Tiba From Tiba Trading. #MyIthalaStory #MakingMoves

When you discover that you are a natural in the world of business but have such a huge appetite for what would be seen as an odd industry for a woman entrepreneur to operate in, you probably would go searching for a different industry to take over!

But what happened with TK Tiba, who dug her heels in and founded her cement block manufacturing business, she founded the business after she questioned why this industry is mainly male dominated. One thing led to another and to date Tiba Trading to date is now SABS approved and supplies a number of clients, including the building of RDP houses.

We caught up with this inspirational entrepreneur to learn more about her and her journey?

As founder of Tiba Trading , what are you most proud of?

I am proud that as a black woman, I can provide services in a male dominated industry. I have raised the flag for women in unconventional industries and held our own. Starting this business was not east as I employed mostly men and had to overcome a number of professional stereotypes.

Entrepreneurship has many highs and lows, what have you favorite moments been?

There are so many moments, but one key moment has to be the day I got backing from Ithala Bank with funding to expand my operations. I had been searching for an institution that would make it possible for me to grow my business and better operate it. I Think also receiving my SABS approval

Ithala bank? Who are they?

Ithala has been around in KZN for many years, I’ve watched them change lives of many people in my community. They help many different types of people with finance for businesses and development at different scales. I also knew I wanted to grow and who better than a bank I know and is committed to KZN development

You mention from Ithala you got beyond finance tell us more

Yes, part of what they did was take me through extensive coaching on running this business, some of the skills I never knew I needed to expand and make this business more operationally efficient and profitable. Then we also got a chance to be on making moves to showcase our businesses and skills which couldn’t be more exciting for me as I got to market my business to the nation.

What has been the hardest time in your business?

Not having a steady paycheck! Leaving the world of 9-5 was the hardest part as one has numerous responsibilities to manage while building this business. I think for me it must be the income streams at the beginning of the journey

What would your advice be for women who want to follow your footsteps?

Be resilient! The hardship of trying to dominate in a male industry is hard, people don’t trust you easily, you need to be patient with your staff and show them you are as capable as your counter parts and lastly JUST DO IT!


The New Innovative Instant Wood Lighter. #MyIthalaStory #MakingMoves

Thobekani Martin Ngcobo always had a knack for business, particularly manufacturing his own products. This is the type of business has come with many hardships but also the that can allow him to empower, contribute to job creation and most importantly being financially independent – something that fueled Thobekani to become the build his instant wood-lighter business

What is Instant wood lighter?

Instant wood lighter is an innovative product that uses deadwood as a replacement for charcoal when starting a fire. It is easy and simple; it does not need any other igniters like blitz to use.

What inspired the idea?

This concept started in 2011 when I was visiting various companies that made charcoal, this exposed me to ways of mixing chemicals and when my idea of instant fire came about it was only natural that I switch my chemical knowledge to focus on instant fire. I discovered that I could make this wooden lighter at a cheaper rate than them; in term sell more than them.

Wow, the idea of making shoe polish into instant fire! How do you describe yourself as an entrepreneur?

I think the most important part of this question is how have my experiences help me define who I am? I have had a lot of hardships, these have taught me tenacity but also importantly that one must always find solutions to problems and not drown in them. I am a solution driven person first before anything. I mean the first method I had for this product was expensive and I had to find cheaper was of producing in order to compete in the market place.

One of the remarkable things about you is that you are so young yet have managed to build such a product. Do you have mentors to help you navigate through entrepreneurship?

I don’t think I would have been able to do any of this without the support of Ithala Bank. They took me under their wing not only to give me sound advice but also almost coach me through the processes of running a business. At this stage I am waiting to list at a major retailer, which will be a huge breakthrough for me. The exposure I received from making moves was so vital for my product and the viewers at home are ultimately my customers and I needed to connect with them.

Ithala bank, is that the KZN development bank? Tell us more about your relationship

The bank has been so good to me, they have taken me under their wing. Not only have they given me financing but also the right support to know how to work in my business. Today I have had the right exposure to be able to land a huge deal with Spar and Blitz thanks to Ithala. I get operating capital from their program to keep the business afloat as part of the program.

Would you encourage someone to get into entrepreneurship and if so what 3 tips would you give them?

Yes! This is our time as the youth, more so as there is such high unemployment in the country. We need to start businesses to we drive employment and feed our families. If you are looking to start I would say: Have Fun, Be solution driven and passionate.

Running a business is extremely tough, what most hard about your business?

Yes it is one of the toughest things you can do. We are were fortunate to have Ithala bank and Making Moves help us with tools to managing a business. So the toughness is still there but we can better mange the business now. Initially making sure we have enough units of the product to sell but also making enough money or us to be able to make more units was our hardest part.



Star Studded CMS Unplugged Event Ushers in The Festive Season

Swaziland – Castle Milk Stout Unplugged Sessions enabled music lovers to pause from their busy lives, unwind and enjoy an unforgettable musical fantasy in Malkerns Valley in Manzini this past weekend. Headlined by the astounding South African acapella outfit, The Soil; singing sensation, Shekhinah and Swaziland’s very own export, Sands; the event took ‘House on Fire’ by storm.

Guests, media and celebrities were treated to the rich and full-flavoured vocal stylings of some of their favourite stars. Performers such as these make a Castle Milk Stout Unplugged session a one-of-a-kind musical tapestry, that is decorated with artists who possess a true musical talent. Castle Milk Stout has undoubtedly heightened their authenticity as a brand that is distinctively African. As one of the most celebrated and established Stout brands in South Africa, the brand has set out to take the Unplugged Sessions across the border and to a whole new frontier at House on Fire, in Malkerns Valley.

“We were so excited to be bring the Castle Milk Stout Unplugged Sessions to our consumers in Swaziland, as it gives us the opportunity to connect with them through an authentic brand experience synonymous with Castle Milk Stout. From the venue, the food and the line-up, everything was tailor made for them to enjoy the smooth taste of Castle Milk Stout while indulging in the smooth sounds of their favourite artists.” – Keneilwe Pholo, Castle Milk Stout, Brand Campaign Manager Africa.

The Castle Milk Stout Unplugged Session seeks to continue on bringing life to the brand’s proposition of taking time out from the busy world, to savour moment with friends.

“Music is such a powerful medium to connect with fans and an unplugged session goes the extra mile and creates an amazing bonding session between the artist and the fan. I am so excited to be headlining the 1st ever Castle Milk Stout Unplugged experience to be hosted in the kingdom of Swaziland.” added Sands.

Vodacom NXT LVL Winner Zethe Mdletshe Joins The Rocka Stable.

Rocka, the premier electronics South African brand and partner to the Vodacom NXT LVL TV Show, has welcomed its newest brand ambassador and season one winner, Zethe Mdletshe, to its roster of impressive SA talent that includes Danny K, DJ Zinhle, Euphonik, Riky Rick and more. After experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions on the TV music reality show, including low scores from the mentors – the Afro Soul Jazz musician and underdog walked away with the crown and the cool prize money of R1 million, on Wednesday night.

“As a new Rocka brand ambassador, I look forward to working together with my incredible mentors and to share our sound in new and exciting ways,” said season one NXT LVL winner Zethe Mdletshe. “Like the Rocka brand itself, I would like to bring epic experiences to those who love music as much as I do and Rocka is right there with me,” she concluded.

In true NXT LVL style, the young musician has gained a lot of knowledge and confidence from the show and she is thrilled to have entered the music industry in such an incredible way.

Rocka believes in the power of music and is determined to bring the joy of music to as many people as possible. Beginning as a range of celebrity-endorsed headphones and earphones, Rocka now offers a complete multimedia experience including Bluetooth speakers, action cameras, VR headsets, cellular accessories, apparel and so much more. Rocka products are available at selected Vodacom 4U, Makro, Musica and CNA stores.

Rocka @Rocka_ZA Limited Edition @RikyRickWorld Bluetooth Wireless Speaker #RockaZA

Johannesburg – Proudly South African electronics brand, Rocka – in collaboration with hip hop heavyweight, Riky Rick, has announced the launch of The Limited Riky Rick Bluetooth Speaker – expanding the brand’s portfolio of celebrity ambassadors such as Euphonik, DJ Zinhle, Khuli Chana and more. In taking his brand beyond the stage, the NXT LVL TV Show mentor collaborated with Rocka to deliver a premium listening experience with the portable, Limited Edition Riky Rick Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

Making dope music and giving the best of my art to my supporters has always been my greatest joy. With the Limited Riky Rick Bluetooth Speaker we are delivering explosive sound, quality design and cutting edge technology so that everyone can hear music the way music creators imagined,” said Rapper and Fashionista, Riky Rick.


With Bluetooth continuing to fuel growth in the value and convenience of wireless listening, the two brands joined forces to create a premium portable speaker that offers music in-style and on the go.

“Rocka has always aligned itself with South Africa’s most influential music artists and tastemakers and Riky Rick is undoubtedly one of the country’s biggest and most loved and our collaboration with him could not have come at a better time,” said Brand Ambassador, Danny K. “His speaker, like his music, is uncompromisingly cool. If you’re one of 1 000 lucky people to own one, then get ready to listen to music like you never have before,” he concluded.


Rocka believes in the power of music and is determined to bring the joy of music to as many people as possible. Beginning as a range of celebrity-endorsed headphones and earphones, Rocka now offers a complete multimedia experience including Bluetooth speakers, action cameras, VR headsets, cellular accessories, apparel and so much more.

The Limited Riky Rick Bluetooth Speaker is available at Musica stores nationwide and will soon be available at all Makro and selected CNA stores.



Johannesburg, 26 October 2017: Castle has officially introduced South Africa’s first homegrown non-alcoholic beer. The launch event was held at the upmarket Tin Factory in Kramervile, Sandton. This new beer is set to transcend social circles and the entire landscape of beer drinking in South Africa as it affords beer-lovers an authentic alternative to beer-drinking.

Hosted by Sizwe Dhlomo, the intimate gourmet braai complemented by Castle Free saw guests enjoy a panel discussion around the key theme of the beverage; Freedom To Belong.


A panel discussion, hosted by Unathi Msengana and Janez Vermeiren took guests through different ways one can bring friends together and create an atmosphere of belonging in more places, which in turn creates more experiences.


South African football midfielder, Reneilwe Lotsolonyane and Supersport United defender, Morgon Gould were also seen enjoying the beverage at the intimate stakeholder event.

As the country’s first homegrown, non-alcoholic beer – Castle FREE remains fully a beer and tastes like a beer, but without the alcoholic content. This gives anyone who would like to be outgoing and sociable the opportunity to do so freely, while simultaneously encouraging a culture of responsible drinking.


“The brand’s vision, is to amplify Castle’s historic tradition of bringing South Africans together by creating a sense of belonging with more people and in more places. Furthermore, we believe that the non-alcoholic beer will influence South African drinkers into an era of responsible drinking” said Vaughan Croeser, Brand Director for Castle FREE.

Also in attendance were representatives from National Government who expressed delight at Castle’s latest addition. The beer received praise for being alcohol-free and the first locally brewed beer, which will also create job opportunities. As a leading beer brand, Castle’s latest variant not only changes perceptions of how beer is consumed but also presents South Africans with the Freedom to belong.

 Castle FREE is 100% beer with 0.0% alcohol and comes in 340ml cans and bottles. The beer is available from the 30th of October 2017 countrywide.


Slikour launches Incubator to nurture musical talent

Rapper turned businessman Siya Metane (aka Slikour or Slik) has launched a compilation album – SlikourOnLife Incubator – giving 12 undiscovered artists the springboard to launch their musical careers.
The album, which launched on 10 October, sees Metane using his knowledge and relationships to give 12 young hip-hop artists from cities across South Africa access to the resources necessary to jumpstart their musical journeys.

Metane’s popular SlikourOnLife digital platform, which is currently one of the top 1 000 websites in South Africa, shares information on urban culture and music, and features videos and interviews to give substance to the music and musicians who may not have access to traditional platforms, and provides an accessible place for their videos. “The Incubator album takes SlikourOnLife to the next level. We’ve selected the very best hip-hop songs submitted to SlikourOnLife and compiled them into an album, and I’m taking everything I would do for myself and handing it over to these artists,” says Metane.
Slikour On Life Incubator – artists

· Baasquiat (21), Cape Town

· BlakShuga (27), Johannesburg

· Dala Fam (24), Limpopo

· Flex Van Doom (25),Vaal

· Illrow (22), Cape Town

· Jazzy (19), Johannesburg

· June The Vth (19), East London

· Lungelo Manzi (24), Durban

· Mass The Difference (21), Hammanskraal

· PA Fakaloice (23),Durban

· ThePXSHMagazine (24), Pretoria East

· Tony Black (22), Cape Town

Good Food and Celebs at Castle Milk Stout VIP Tent

South Africa’s favorite Stout Beer – Castle Milk Stout dazzled and delighted at this year’s DSTV Delicious International Food and Music Festival. The star studded marquee hosted some of South Africa’s favourite famous faces which included : actress Manaka Ranaka , Former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie , actor Nkuli Tshirumbula, dancer Manthe Ribane, presenter Siphesihle Vazi and designer Thula Sindi to mention but a few.

The Marquee was anchored by an intimate chef’s table experience which was presented by Bryanston Gemelli Restaurant’s Allesandro and Café Tibz Tebello Matsoane. The two presented a bespoke brand experience which allowed guests to pair their favorite beer with a three course menu infused with some Castle Milk Stout. Not even the heavy rain could deter the party goers from making the most of the musical festivities and food extravaganza

“ We are happy to have delivered two packed Chef’s Table Experiences at this year’s DSTV Delicious International Food and Music Festival, while the artists put on a great show on stage, the theatre was reserved for the Castle Milk Stout Marquee as Allesandro and I took guests on a food journey inspired by yesteryear experiences and yet modern enough for today’s audience.” said Tibz Motsoane of Café Tibz


Gone are the days where we drink to get drunk! South Africa’s first premium flavoured beer, Flying Fish, recently launched a new variant to the market, a beer called Flying Fish Chill – a lighter version of the original with less kilojoules, calories and less alcohol percentage.

To launch the new CHILL, Flying Fish took over the swanky Bryanston hot spot venue called Urban Yard on the 1st October, where the brand hosted a long CHILL immersive experience that introduced the beer yoga concept to Mzansi for the very first time.

The event took place on an early Sunday morning with a thrilling beer yoga session that geared guests up for a Long CHILL experience, which featured radio and TV personalities, 5-FM’s DJ Fix who was the MC of the event, as well as Khabonina who kick started the launch with a Yoga session to showcase how the variant is appropriate for a balanced lifestyle.

One of the guests’ most enjoyed experience was the silent disco party by DJ Ashley and Deep Ancestral. This saw guests partying wearing Bluetooth headsets that allowed everyone to tune in and out of their DJ of preference, as they danced away to what seemed like silence. Shekhinah ended off the LONG CHILL event with performances from her past hits, while the majority of her performance was of her latest album titled Rose Gold.