How to be the ultimate host this December and still save ching ching!


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The Festive season is here and if you know me you will know that I like hosting, just like my family. It’s that time of the year where every day is a Saturday or a good old Sunday. So, I was just thinking about how I will get through this year’s hoho season knowing all the plans I have for 2019. New year, new me stuff hahaha! So, I had a conversation with colleagues of mine about how to survive the festive without breaking the bank and still rise to the challenge of being “the ultimate host”.

Thando is 27 and she is that colleague who never attends anything if it seems like it would be a bore. So, she had a good idea to share, OLX! Interesting, I know.
But it hit me and it all made sense, OLX is so easy to use to buy things to up your hosting game. I immediately logged into my profile and started searching. I was so amazed by the types and sizes of outdoor grills one could find on OLX. I saw what I wanted and I shared the link with my brother as the seller was in his area. The transaction was quick and easy now I own a 2x1m Gas Grill with a flat top on the sides. Perfect for hosting a larger number of people.

Tshepo also logged in looking for a wine chiller and a big blender. He is famous for his margaritas, perfect for this occasion and those pool parties. He located a lady selling Phillips ProBlender 5 blender 2.5KM from his house on OLX. He told me that his blender works magic and came with all the adjustments. Now OLX for me has become my number 1 only shop for all kinds of goods, I am even starting to collect Vintage goods for my place. 


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