Guests enjoying a class of Rocking in Heels

Recently launched Flying Fish CHILL LITE teamed up with Takkies for the latest Lite Brunch Collective, in the aim to find the perfect balance between fun, friends and fitness.

Geared towards the health-conscious consumer, Flying Fish CHILL LITE offers lower alcohol, 30% less calories, 35% less sugar and 35% less carbohydrates than the ever-popular Flying Fish which was SAB’s first premium flavoured beer on the market.

The Lite Brunch Collective held at The Royal on 29 April, is part of a series of events dedicated to likeminded consumers looking for a fun brunch experience with a health-minded difference. Hosted by TV personality and fitness fanatic, Zweli Dube, the event kicked off with a delectable brunch harvest decorated in Cuban Havanna theme, while guests were enlightened with tips on how to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Guests stuck to the athleisure wear theme

Renowned yoga instructor, Jasmine Sehlako, was first up to entertain the guests with her innovative take on a morning workout; the Beer Yoga range of exercises. Keeping entertainment levels high, Choreographer Takkies had the crowd tapping their feet as she lit the dance floor on fire with an electrifying dance class; Dancing in Heels. Bedecked in 2-inch-high stilettos, Takkies’ dance class showcases new-age dance moves and was the perfect example of mixing fun and fitness.

“Our concept behind the Lite Brunch Collectives is three-fold,” says Brand Manager of Flying Fish CHILL LITE, Tumelo Motingoe; “providing consumers with a lower-alcohol variant for moderate consumption; offering the same refreshing taste as the mother brand – Flying Fish; and finally, providing a healthy middle ground for those looking for a more balanced lifestyle.”

TV Personalities Zweli Dube and Kat Sinavasin

The introduction of Flying Fish CHILL LITE gives consumers a choice of healthier drinking options and is part of SAB and AB InBev’s commitment to increase their no- and lower-alcohol beers portfolio to represent 20% of the organisation’s global beer volume by 2025.

“Flying Fish CHILL LITE is all about mixing playful enjoyment with healthy well-being, and ultimately ‘Living your Zest life’ “, says Motingoe. “The Lite Brunch Collective event was a fantastic success, and we encourage the public to join the fun by checking our Instagram page, #FindYourChill, for ideas on the best places to brunch, healthy recipes and innovative brunch cocktails.”


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